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David Anthony Durham de nouveau en exclusivité sur Elbakin.net

Par Luigi Brosse, le mardi 3 février 2009 à 11:18:55

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Your book was out a month ago here in France. Do you already have some feedback, from readers, from your French publisher?
Yes. It comes to me from a distance, and by translation, but I think things are going well. I've read some lovely reviews written by French reviewers/bloggers, so it feels good to me so far.
By the way, have you been contacted by the French translator before publication?
Thierry Arson did the translation. I think we did speak before publication, and I have corresponded with him a lot since then. I know that Le Pre Aux Clercs had a lot of faith in him, and I have really enjoyed getting to know him via email. It sounds like he is enthusiastic to work on the The Other Lands. I am very happy with that.
You have recently finished the first draft of The Other Lands. Was it more difficult this time? Do you know precisely when will it be out?
It was not more difficult, but it is always hard. Each book is an amazing challenge. This one... well, it was different in that I knew it would not be a self-contained story. That was the challenge. How to write a satisfying novel that did not end at the end of the story? Not easy. I did my best to take it as far as I could, though. Hopefully, readers will find it a full meal and be interested in the third book - where I wrap things up.
What could we expect to discover this time?
This one continues the story on several fronts. One plot line takes place in the Other Lands. One is about how Corinn deals with holding things together in the Known World. One follows Mena as she fights the monsters awakened in the aftermath of the Santoth having used their magic. You will find out a lot more about the Lothan Aklun and the Auldek, and you will be in for quite a few surprises along the way.
Oh... and it leads to the next great threat facing the Empire.
Your world is obviously multi-ethnic. Will you expand that multi-cultural touch?
I will continue it. It is important to me that my imagined world be at least as diverse as our actual world.
I have seen that you have recently reviewed Brisingr, by Christopher Paolini. Do you like that other role as book critic? Could you review a book that you don't like at all?
Good question. I understand that some reviewers enjoy being negative. I don't. I could see writing a bad review of a book that really offended me in some way, but I don't take pleasure of it. I have twice declined to review books that I'd begun: once because the book was really awful and once because I just wasn't interested in finishing it.
With a book like Paolini's... well, there are plenty of flaws to it, but I have to look at it in terms of what he has achieved for his particular audience. That is were I find the balance in my approach to reviewing a book like that.
Your blog is often updated and you don't only write about books and fantasy. It is a very complex subject, but what do you think about the recent presidential élection in your country?
I could not be happier with Obama's win. Of course, I know he won't fix everything. I know there will be disappointments, but I am so, so very happy that America was able to see a great, inspirational leader, to embrace intelligence and eloquence, to see beyond race, to acknowledge that we could not continue down the tragic course of the Bush/Chaney administration. I hope very much that the world will accept us back as members of a global society. Believe me, many, many Americans objected to Bush policies. One of the many aspects of the "Bush Doctrine" was that they only cared about winning their elections by 1%. If they did, they could do whatever they wanted to - damn those that don't agree. When I hear Bush speak now I am amazed at how inane, stupid, self-deluded and tragic he is.
Oh... I am looking forward to the next administration. Have you heard? The new American president likes to read books! Hurrah!
When could we hope to see you in France? Perhaps for next year « Les Utopiales »?
I would LOVE to come to France again. I enjoyed my time in France before. I lived in Albertville for six months when I was writing my first published novel, Gabriel's Story. To come back as an author published in French would be fabulous. I do not know if Utopiales will happen for me, but it is very much at the top of my list. I would love to come. Tell my publisher you want me! Buy a few copies of Acacia for friends! If I can come over I certainly will.
Do you have any news about Acacia : The Movie ? ;-)
Only that there are wonderful people working on making it happen. It is a long road, of course, and we are still in early stages. I know that the screenwriter completed a first draft of the screenplay. From what I hear it was good, but there was still much work to be done. It is a rather big book to condense into movie form. I am glad to have good people working on it, because I know they have difficult decisions to make on what can and can't be included.
So, no real news... but it remains a dream that experienced filmmakers are working on.
After historical and fantasy novels... Are there other genres that you may write in?
Yes. I want to write more historical and fantasy, but in addition I have long wanted to write for a young adult audience also. I love reading authors like Garth Nix, Kai Meyer, Jonathon Stroud, Ursula K LeGuin with my children. I would also like to write for the same audience, but in my own style.
Could you tell us a few words about your work as a teacher?
Not sure how to answer that. I have very mixed feelings about teaching creative writing. I have been doing it since before I was even a published novelist. I know that I have helped many student writers grow, but I do not exactly believe I can teach writing. I can encourage good writers to keep going. I can help mediocre writers get better. But I can't do much more than that.
So why do I do it? Well... I get paid rather well for it. Make no mistake, though: I would rather be writing novels full time.
Last but not least, is there anything you wish to share with your (new) French fans?
I love brie de Meaux and hate it that I can't get it easily in the United States! I will be spending the Christmas Holidays in Scotland. At least that is close enough to France that I can get my hands on some good brie and a baguette. I am going to be very happy...
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