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La Roue du Temps : tout a une fin

Par Gillossen, le mardi 8 janvier 2013 à 16:00:00

Un mois d'extraits tirés de A Memory of Light

Histoire de faire monter la pression et de contenter les fans en leur donnant un os à ronger, l'éditeur américain Tor Books a publié toute une série d'extraits en tous genres du roman de Robert Jordan et Brandon Sanderson, que nous avons bien sûr commenté en forum !
Ramaloce a pris le temps de les compiler pour nous et les voici donc réunis ci-dessous. ATTENTION, fatalement, même si les extraits ont été choisis avec le plus grand soin pour être les plus énigmatiques possibles - on n'est pas fou chez Tor, ça fait parler les lecteurs... - précisons qu'il s'agit logiquement de spoilers en puissance.

Jour 1 : It had been useful at Maradon. Nobody knew he had it. That was important.
Jour 2 : "I should like to hear one of your stories. Perhaps you could tell me of the time your father and you visited Shara?"
Jour 3 : "Being married is not so bad, Perrin. Why didn't you tell me it was not so bad? I think I am rather fond of it."
Jour 4 : "Pass his bond to me."
Jour 5 : "Creator shelter us," she whispered. Mat scowled. "You know, that's what Tuon said."
Jour 6 : The right thing had always seemed clear to Galad before, but never had it felt as right as this. Those streaks of light were like indicators on a map, arrows pointing his way. The Light itself guided him. It had prepared him, placed him here at this moment.
Jour 7 : "Nobody travels the Ways," Ituralde said, aghast.
Jour 8 : Egwene strode around a frozen pillar of glass in her dream. It almost looked like a column of light. What did it mean? She could not interpret it.
Jour 9 : The letter was written in Mat's hand. And, Elayne noticed with amusement, the handwriting was much neater and the spelling much better in this one than the one he'd sent her weeks ago.
Jour 10 : "And farewell to you, old friend," she said to the air. "Until I dream again."
Jour 11 : "One more thing, the marath'damane . . ."
"I'll deal with those channelers personally," Mat said. She gawked at him as if he were insane.
Jour 12 : "Enough talk. You will bed me now."
Jour 13 : "We must spread the word to all of our allies," Amys said. "We must not use this weave."
Jour 14 : That, she replied back, is something one should never, never say to an Aes Sedai. Ever.
Jour 15 : “It is a simple thing, to stop a man’s heart,” Cadsuane said, arms folded.
Jour 16 : "Do not cut off your foot for fear that a snake will bite it, Perrin Aybara. Do not make a terrible mistake because you fear something that seems worse. This is all I will say on the topic."
Jour 17 : "It is one of the three things which I will require of you. Your payment, to me, in exchange for my life."
Jour 18 : Fortuona ignored her, standing. "This woman is my new Soe'feia. Holy woman, she who may not be touched. We have been blessed. Let it be known."
Jour 19 : "What did you do to your eye?" "A little accident with a corkscrew and thirteen angry innkeepers."
Jour 20 : As Tam attacked again, Rand lifted the sword and-
Jour 21 : And you don't feel a small measure of pride? Egwene asked herself. Rand al'Thor, once simple village boy and your near-betrothed, now the most powerful man in the world? You don't feel proud of what he's done?
Jour 22 : "Why are you helping me?" Perrin demanded. "I'm fond of you, Perrin."
Jour 23 : "Light burn me," Rand said. "You're not him, are you?"
Jour 24 : "There were many good years. Good decades, good centuries. We believed we were living in paradise. Perhaps that was our downfall. We wanted our lives to be perfect, so we ignored imperfections. Problems were magnified through inattention, and war might have become inevitable if the Bore hadn't ever been made."
Jour 25 : "Oh, blood and ashes, no!" Cadsuane said, spinning on them. "No, no, no."
Jour 26 : Uno's topknot danced as he continued to blaspheme.
Jour 27 : "Peaches!" Rand said, aghast. Everyone knew those were poisonous.
Jour 28 : "But this . . . this isn't about blacksmithing, Perrin . . “ "Of course it is," Perrin said. How could Rand not see that?
Jour 29 : “Didn’t you once lead a band of thieves out of this forest?” Birgitte grimaced. “I was hoping you hadn’t heard that one.”
Jour 30 : Rand strode forward, lifting his arms out to the sides. Grass sprouted in waves, red blossoms burst from the ground like a blush upon the land. The storm stilled, the dark clouds burned away by light.
A joyful song, a song of awe and wonder, though she could not understand the words.
Jour 31 : He doesn't want to fight in Andor, Elayne thought. He doesn't want to fight alongside me. He wishes the break to be clean.
Jour 32 : Rand stiffened. He'd known what he was doing, on some level, but to hear it explained was disconcerting.
Jour 33 : If the end of the Aiel was the sacrifice required for Rand to win, she would make it.
J-10 : What did you do when the One Power failed, the thing you relied upon to raise you above common folk?
J-9 : The Blight had consumed the Two Rivers.
J-8 : "Run, Bela," Faile said. "If you've kept any strength back, now is the time to use it. Please. Run, girl. Run."
J-6 : Humankind did not have days remaining, but hours.
J-5 : They seemed to be cracks into nothingness. They drew the light in, sucked it away. It was as if he was looking at fractures in the nature of reality itself.
J-4 : "We'll remember those who fell, and we'll tell our children how we stood when the clouds turned black and the world started to die. We'll tell them we stood shoulder to shoulder, and there was just no space for the Shadow to squeeze through."
J-3 : They stood at the edge of time itself, and still Thom Merrilin found a smile.
J-2 : Loial, son of Arent son of Halan, had secretly always wanted to be hasty.
J-1 : By the Light, he had a book to finish before he went!
Jour J : Rise, and save the world.

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