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The Desert of Souls

Tome 1 du cycle : The Chronicles of Sword and Sand [Dabir and Asim]
ISBN : 978-031264674-5
Catégorie : Aucune
Auteur : Howard Andrews Jones (Proposer une Biographie)

Baghdad in the eighth century: a mysterious object comes into the possession of the royal Jaffar. He instructs Asim, captain of the royal guard, and Dabir, a scholar, to solve the mystery of the object’s inscription. The object is stolen, but not before Asim and Dabir have uncovered tantalizing clues to its history: it appears that it may have come from Ubar, a lost city that was, or so the legend goes, destroyed by God. But can Asim and Dabir uncover the secrets of the lost city before their own lives are lost, too?

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